Hakeem Herbal name
  A   C o m p l e t e   H e r b a l   A l t e r n a t i v e

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A complete herbal alternative for a dazzling smile and the ultimate dental hygiene

This company is the continuation of a centuries old house of Hakeems (herbalists) established by our forefathers in Hyderabad Deccan, India.

We learned the art of making herbal preparations for various human ailments directly from our centenarian hakeem Syed Samoom Alishah (1857-1964), and inherited the unique herbal formulas from him.

With the trend toward natural therapies and herbal medicines, we felt the need and responsibility to act, since we were sitting on a treasure of information. As we are witness to the benefits of our family recipes and are confident about their efficacy, we were motivated to offer to the world these well tried preparations.

Hence, the journey started from Hyderabad, India to Toronto, Canada. We incorporated Hakeem Herbal Ltd. in Toronto, Canada with the primary objective to offer our ancestral formulas to our fellow beings.